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My Story

As a kid, I loved all things related to food: shopping for it, preparing it, and serving it. I longed to go to a culinary academy far away from my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Life almost got in the way of the passion that chose me. Sound familiar? Instead I worked every restaurant job I could, read tons of books and through sheer determination, was on my way. Years later I opened my catering company, which has operated ever since, and even opened a café after that.

I created my first spice blend, without knowing it at the time, when a catering customer asked me to prepare lamb chops in a new and interesting way. I used lavender from my backyard and a handful of other spices I grew and to my surprise it was a hit. I decided to try it out on others at the local farmer’s market and after the runaway success of the Lavender Blend, Hibiscus was born, closely followed by Saffron-Rose.

These all-natural, anti-oxidant, botanical powerhouses help you create your own super quick and exciting food! You’re a tablespoon away from fabulous™, so go make some amazing food and share it with someone you love—it’s what I do!

-- Mia

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